Eggs are easily substituted in our diet and there are many reasons to do just that. Here are the three most important ones.

1.- Your Health

Each year in the US, the FDA estimates that 79,000 foodborne illnesses are traced back to the consumption of eggs contaminated with salmonella. Salmonella outbreaks in factory farms are difficult to contain. Due to the sheer size and number of animals, salmonella can spread rapidly and veterinary oversight is limited or even non-existent. The porous eggshells and unsanitary conditions on egg farms create the perfect opportunity for salmonella to enter eggs destined for human consumption. 

2.- No More Cruelty

For one single egg to arrive on our table, a hen endures 26 hours of suffering—confined in a cage so small that she is unable to experience her most basic instincts. She cannot open her wings, lie down, or take a dust bath. Her miserable life consists of being caged for two years, followed by slaughter as soon as her exhausted body cannot produce enough eggs to be considered profitable to the industry. 

Male chicks hatching at egg farms are killed the day they are born, often being shredded alive, as they have no value for the industry. They don’t put on weight fast enough to become meat chickens and cannot produce eggs. 

3.- The Future of Our Planet

Similar to the meat and dairy industry, egg production harms our planet through greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution. 

A study carried out by researchers from the University of Oviedo in Spain revealed that the carbon footprint obtained for every dozen eggs was 2.7 kg of CO2, similar to that of dairy products. The scientific team analyzed the effects of egg production on 18 environmental categories, including ozone depletion, climate change, land acidification and land use. Transformation of natural lands and the pollution of land and waterways were determined amongst the biggest impacts of the egg industry on the environment. 

The Solution is Simple

The good news is that we can eat, cook, and bake completely egg-free without sacrificing flavor. Egg substitutes for scrambles, omelettes, and fried eggs are available online and in supermarkets. Enjoy scrambled tofu for breakfast, or use Follow Your Heart’s Vegan Egg. Pop JUST Egg Folded into the toaster or Beleaf’s fried eggs for the easiest sandwich. Juicy cakes and brownies can be created by substituting eggs with apple sauce, ripe bananas, or ground flax seed. 

Let’s help hens by leaving eggs off our plates for good!