Farmed animals suffer unimaginable cruelty on factory farms all around the world. Thankfully, we all have the power to help create a more compassionate world for them.

Here are 7 steps YOU can take towards creating a world with less violence:

1. Go Vegan

Cows, pigs, chickens, fish, sheep – they all suffer from extreme abuse, cruelty, and neglect on factory farms. By ditching animal products in favor of plant-based ones, we can protect animals from a lifetime of suffering. Check out some of our favorite plant-based recipes here to get you started.

2. Speak Up for Animals

Whether it’s at the holiday table or your volunteering at an event, there are many opportunities to speak out on behalf of farmed animals. Whether you’re talking to a friend, a family member, or a complete stranger, here are six tips that will help you succeed.

3. Share Animal Equality’s Investigations on Social Media

Although they can be difficult to watch, sharing investigative videos on your social media is a great way to expose the cruelty inflicted on animals. Many people have no idea how factory farms abuse animals so that we can buy meat, dairy, and eggs. Sharing these videos on social media is a great way to expose friends and family to the truth.

4. Hit the Streets

Leafleting is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reach thousands of people with a message of compassion for animals. Leafleting takes zero preparation, and at the right time and place, just one person can hand out hundreds of brochures in less than an hour.

5. Fundraise

By using your birthday, anniversary, graduation, or just about any event, you can inspire your friends and family to donate to Animal Equality. So set a goal and get started!

6. Take Action

Animals rely on your voice and your signature. By taking action for farmed animals you can enact real change. Whether it’s asking the UK to ban foie gras, urging the Mexican government to criminalize animal cruelty, or helping shut down dog and cat meat markets in China – your signature has the power to create a more compassionate future.

7. Donate

By supporting Animal Equality’s work, you will have a stake in the many successes our supporters help achieve for farmed animals. Make a gift to Animal Equality today and be proud that you’re supporting a Top Charity!