Guess what’s trending today? Yup – #WorldAnimalDay! We are so excited that people are recognizing the need to treat all animals with love and respect.

World Animal Day has been celebrated on October 4 for almost 100 years and according to its website, it was originally launched in Berlin.

So what is World Animal Day all about? 

It’s an opportunity to remind the world that animals are not ours to harm in any way and that all animals deserve a life of freedom and happiness.

We all know how intelligent and sensitive our dogs and cats are. They connect with us, seemingly know what we’re thinking, anticipate our decisions, comfort us when we’re sad, and even fool us to get what they want. But you’ve probably noticed the countless videos of pigs, goats, cows, and chickens showing that they too are just as smart, affectionate, and unique. So why do we love one, but eat the other? 

Here are some facts that help make World Animal Day and extra important day to celebrate and that are helping people leave animals off their plates more than ever before:


Farm animals have complex vocabularies.

Did you know that chickens talk to each other? It’s true – and they have more than 30 different vocalizations! These birds are capable of delivering a wide range of messages. Chickens can tell the rest of the group where to find food and can warn them of predators.

They are capable of reasoning and forming opinions.

Chickens use logic and reason in order to choose with whom roosters will mate. Before choosing their partners, they observe several of them and form their opinions. This means that they can store memories of how roosters have behaved in the past and reason whether or not they want to mate.

They are clever and can fool their friends:

Pigs have been proved to be very clever! Pigs have been observed reading the signs of others who knew where to find food. Though the pig being followed was even seen leading the other pig to a spot with no food just to fool them – just because they’re smart doesn’t mean they like to share!

In fact, pigs are among the fastest learners in nature, even more than dolphins, dogs, and primates.

They show empathy towards others:

Cows from the dairy industry are distressed and are deeply saddened when their calves are separated from them within a few days of birth. When that happens, they begin mourning for the loss of their babies for days, heartbreakingly bellowing and crying. It is also known that other cows come to the bereaved mothers and try to help comfort them.

They have an impressive memory:

Sheep have some of the most amazing memories – many are able to memorize 50 different faces! They are even able to remember faces after years without seeing them.

Meanwhile, hens and chicks learn to play games and can remember how to play them. They also remember their favorite special foods.


It’s with these reasons, and many more, that we are thankful for days like World Animal Day. If you’d like to help animals on this special day, please consider reducing or eliminating your consumption of animal products as it’s the single greatest thing you can do to help them.