Another food company is heeding the call for more plant-based products! The iconic Reddi Wip brand will be releasing dairy-free almond- and coconut-based whipped creams for those consumers looking for healthier, cruelty-free options.

Dairy milk sales have been decreasing, which is no surprise since people are becoming increasingly aware of the unimaginable suffering cows face on modern day farms. Dairy products have also been linked to different cancers and an increased risk of bone fractures. Dairy milk does not, in fact, do a body good.

So we’re elated to see yet another company bringing a plant-based product to supermarket shelves. In addition to this vegan whipped cream, that hopefully will come out very soon, you can also top your sundaes and pies with Soyatoo Soy Whipped Topping, and Trader Joe’s and 365 brand’s Coconut Whipped Topping. Yum!