Baltimore is a city with a rich history, diverse neighborhoods, and a bustling nightlife. But whether you’re visiting or a long-time local, nothing brings the community together quite like food. And from February 9th – 18th, Baltimore is getting veganized!

Several Baltimore restaurants will be embracing Vegan Restaurant Week and promoting a more compassionate, healthier way to eat through modifications and additions to their menus. And now they can reach a wider customer base since veganism is at an all-time high. But this isn’t Baltimore’s first time welcoming this challenge – they had their first Vegan Restaurant Week back in August 2017 with over 40 restaurants taking part. See who’s on the list this year!

This Valentines Day demonstrate your love for animals, the planet, and your own body, and try some new, tasty vegan dishes. You may just LOVE ’em! We have several recipes right here at plus you can find inspiration on our Instagram page: @loveveg_us.