JUST is at it again with their brand new plant-based scrambled egg mixture! Made from high protein mung beans, Just Egg is an easy to use liquid that can make fluffy scrambled eggs, rich french toast, and savory fried rice. Just Egg allows people to enjoy a familiar taste without contributing to one of the cruelest industries in animal agriculture.

JUST. Inc. is a leader in the world of plant-based alternatives. Their mission is to provide sustainable, healthier products that are tasty and affordable. Using minimalist designs and simple, high quality ingredients, JUST is already responsible for an assortment of plant-based alternatives including Just Mayo, Just Ranch, and Just Cookie Dough.

In the near future, Just Egg will be coming to Wegmans, Fresh Thyme, and Gelsons supermarkets across the country. In the meantime, you can try Just Egg today at your local Veggie Grill!

Want to see Just Egg in your neighborhood? Contact your local retailers and restaurants and let them know!

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