The Real Vegan Cheese project uses the expertise of citizen scientists and biohackers to create a great tasting vegan cheese. They use renewable and sustainable yeast that is much more environmentally responsible than the standard dairy cheese-making processes.

“We believe that the days of using cows as if they were food producing machines are over,” Real Vegan Cheese scientists say. From its two laboratories in San Francisco, these two dozen molecular biologists, microbiologists, and other scientists claim that their cheese will reach the market in the near future. They all share a passion for science and sustainable environmental protection, but they don’t forget about the taste and nutritional properties, “we believe that people who don’t want animal cheese deserve the best flavor!”

The project offers a real cheese for vegans, plus for those intolerant to lactose (the milk generated lacks this sugar) and those allergic to milk proteins derived from animals.

The process is relatively simple. Milk protein genes are synthesized and inserted into the brewer’s yeast. The yeast converts these genes in milk protein, without animal ingredients in the process. Then, these milk proteins are collected and converted into milk by adding water and vegetable oils. And now that the milk is ready, cheese is made in the traditional way! “The process is more sustainable than the traditional process of animal origin cheese” Real Vegan Cheese declared.

“Even the UN Food and Agriculture Organization recognize that the livestock industry is responsible for emitting huge amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere (even more than all transport industries together, including cars, planes, trains, and ships worldwide, according to several sources).

All of the information and licensing of the technology involved in the process are registered under free and open public licenses. Technology patents are going to be public to be used by individuals or companies.