It’s no secret that Portland is a veg-friendly city. They even have their own vegan grocery store called Food Fight!

Here is a list of some of our favorite places to dine in PDX:

The first morning of your trip to Portland, brunch it up at the vegetarian favorite: Off The Griddle! (Almost everything is vegan). Try the Brunch Warp Supreme or Chk’n Waffle.


Feeling fancy? Check out Blossoming Lotus. From a classic breakfast plate to raw live nachos to cheeseburgers, you will not be disappointed.


Harlow is a vegan-friendly hotspot for fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner options.


Indian food is a common choice for plant-food lovers and The Sudra is THE place to go for Indian-inspired vegan food. They also have a full bar and specialty cocktails.


Not only do they have DE-LISH plant-based pizza, their ice cream is just as amazing. Check out Virtuous Pie!


Still not convinced on plant-based cheeses? Take a trip to Vtopia – an all vegan restaurant and cheese shop – and you’ll finally be able to say, “I love vegan cheese!”


Being from Texas, I naturally gravitate towards anything (vegan) BBQ. And Homegrown Smoker knows what they’re doing!


Check out other vegan and veg-friendly restaurants and stores in Portland or any other city at 🙂