California food company Don Lee Farms launched an organic vegan burger at Costco in February and its sales have exceeded everyone’s expectations. The plant-based burger sold 1 million units in less than 60 days, making it the fastest growing product in its category at the popular supermarket chain.

“Interest in our Organic Plant-Based Burger has just exploded,” Don Lee Farms President Donald Goodman said. “We are just keeping up with demand and are implementing plans to expand distribution every week.” They plan to expand its distribution to other retail outlets and restaurants in the near future.

This burger is one of the many plant-based patties on the market. Companies such as Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat are heeding the call for more delicious veg options and even popular chain restaurants, like White Castle, Red Robin, and TGI Friday’s are jumping on the vegan train.

We know times are changing when we see numbers like this! More and more people are choosing vegan options for their health, the health of the planet, and for the animals.

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Happy Eating!