Vegans and non-vegans alike are well aware of the amazing and “accidentally vegan” Doritos flavor – Spicy Sweet Chili. For years it was a go-to snack!

But now there’s a new flavor in town!

Frito-Lay launched a new dairy-free flavor that packs some serious heat: Blaze. Made spicy with jalapeño peppers, these bad boys are reminiscent of the brand’s Flamin’ Hot chips, without the dairy.

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But these Doritos flavors are far from the only tasty vegan chips to satisfy your cravings. Here are seven more “accidentally vegan” snacks to bring to your next party:

Kettle Brand Jalapeño

Stick inside a sandwich for the ultimate mind-blowing experience!

Kettle Brand Maple Bacon

All the flavor with none of the cruelty.

Pringles Xtra Tangy Buffalo Wing

The buffalo flavor is spot on—but the best part? No chickens are harmed!

Sun Chips Original

Looking for something crunchy and delicious that’s also better for you? Grab a bag of Sun Chips Original flavor.


Salsa is sooooo 2008. Convenience is key, so ditch the salsa and munch on some Salsitas instead!

Earth Balance Vegan Cheddar Flavor Kettle Chips

Vegan cheddar? Say no more!

Ruffles Tapatío Limón

Super spicy but so worth it!

Be sure to share all this amazingly delicious news with your friends and family to show them how EASY it is to try vegan!