Rapper, singer and songwriter, Drake, has confirmed that he has gone vegetarian. The talented musician is somewhat of a gamer as well and joined the blue-haired gamer Ninja for a friendly bout of Fortnite. The session was viewed by more than 600,000 people who just may have heard Drake’s new confession.

“I feel like chicken and pineapple on pizza could work,” Drake told Ninja as the two chatted about pizza toppings, “but I don’t eat meat anymore,” he said.

And there are even speculations about Drake possibly embracing a vegan diet after he cracked this joke (below) on Instagram.

If two vegans are angry at each other…is it beef?

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We are thrilled to hear of Drake’s new diet and applaud all of those who are choosing a healthier, more compassionate way to live. And it’s getting easier by the day!

If you’re looking to cut back or cut out the animal products like Drake and many others, check out our helpful new resource, the meal planner!

Happy Eating!