Last week, two of Animal Equality’s cofounders, Sharon Nunez and Jose Valle, were guests on the new vegan podcast, The Chickpeeps, to discuss the problems with dairy and the suffering faced by cows in the industry. Our friend and talented actress, Evanna Lynch, who narrates our iAnimal film on dairy cows, just recently debuted this podcast and it has already won us over.

Sharon and Jose have both been inside dairy farms and provide a devastating narrative on a day in the life of a cow used for milk in their episode. Through several Animal Equality investigations, we have seen countless instances of abuse toward these defenseless animals. However, the standard, legal practices used on dairy farms, such as painful dehorning and the tragic separation of mother cow and calf, are reason enough to leave dairy out of your diet.

Not only is the dairy industry incredibly cruel, but studies show the harmful effects of dairy on our health. Swap dairy-containing products for plant-based alternatives and your body (and the cows) will thank you!

Have a listen:

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