LA is any vegan’s paradise! From fine-dining restaurants, like Crossroads, to southern home cookin’, like Doomie’s, to all vegan donut shops, like Donut Friend (note they do use honey on some) and pizza places, like Cruzer Pizza, this city has it all. And it’s not surprising to have a celeb sighting at Gracias Madre. Find restaurants. 



High on the list is Portland, with their wide array of vegan-friendly restaurants and the dozens of vegan food carts, like Fatsquatch PDX, scattered around the city. Portland is also home to the country’s first vegan mini-mall featuring a bakery, grocery store, clothing shop, and tattoo parlor. Portland has farm-to-table/seasonal vegan dining options like Harvest at the Bindery and Farm Spirit, which is a cozy dinner party experience where all produce served comes from less than 100 miles from the restaurant, with the exception of sugar and some spices. Find restaurants.



It’s no surprise that this trend-setting city is on the list. If you’ve only got a New York minute, head over to Terri or Blossom Du Jour for some plant-based fast food. If you’re looking for something a little (or a lot) fancier, you must visit Avant Garden or go try the French crepes and galettes at Delice & Sarrasin. They even have vegan escargot (snails)! Hangawi’s all-vegan menu is based on mountain roots, greens, and grains that have comprised the staple diet of ancient Koreans. With too many names to list, this city shows that veganism is here to stay. Find restaurants.

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Rain or shine – Seattle has vegan options all throughout the city! It’s home to the country’s very first 100% all-vegan pizzeria, Pizza Pi, and even has an all vegan grocery store called Vegan Haven. And it wouldn’t be Seattle without the plethora of coffee shops, many of which gladly cater to vegans. Find restaurants.

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When you think of Austin, Texas you may be thinking of cowboy boots and barbeque, but Austin has plenty for a vegan to be thankful for. If you make a visit you must check out Counter Culture, which serves internationally inspired dishes with a focus on locally-grown ingredients, and the many vegan food trucks like Arlo’s and BBQ Revolution. Yee-haw! Find restaurants.



This old “meat and potatoes” town shows us just how popular vegan eating is becoming. You can’t go wrong with the Soul Platter or the “Catfish” Tofu Sandwich at Detroit Vegan Soul and check out the many vegan options at Seva. Chive Kitchen is just outside of Detroit in Farmington but well worth the drive for their tacos, dogs, burritos, and melts. Find restaurants.



You may not think of Chicago as vegan-friendly, especially once being named “Hog Butcher to the World,” but the winds of change are upon us my friends. Award winning milkshakes from The Chicago Diner and the signature fried bacon mac and brussels sprouts from Upton’s Breakroom are must-haves. And don’t forget to visit Kitchen 17 for their house-made vegan meats and cheeses. Find restaurants.



In a town known for its cheesesteaks, Philly may be the last place you expect to find on this list. But in the last few years this town has blossomed with veg-friendly eateries and even has declared its own vegan day, November 1. Visit Vedge for a super modern vegan dining experience and Grindcore House for a coffee and bagel and cream cheese with a side of death metal. And you can’t miss Blackbird Pizzeria, V Street and Hip City Veg. Find restaurants.

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That’s right! There are TWO vegan-friendly cities from Texas on this list! It’s truly amazing to see my hometown jumping on the vegan train. With restaurants like Spiral Diner, V-Eats, D’Vegan and El Palote, Dallas will surely help to convert those pre-vegans in no time. Find restaurants.



The city’s Golden Gates welcome all, including vegans! The city has over 250 veg-friendly restaurants to choose from! While you’re there check out the Haight-Ashbury area and grab a burger at Veganburg. If it’s Asian you’re craving head over to Golden Era or Shizen Vegan Sushi. Find restaurants.

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