The race to replace meat from farmed animals is heating up and we couldn’t be more excited.

Achieving real meat without causing the suffering of an animal seemed like pure science fiction a few years ago but not for many innovative and compassionate dreamers.

Hoping to avoid the cruelty of the farmed animal industry along with the negative environmental impacts of factory farming, several leading companies have explored ways to make ‘clean meat’ a reality. The results have been so promising that giant multinationals like Google and investors such as Bill Gates have been eager to invest in these companies.

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Hoping to honor both the rich culinary traditions of America and the spirit of innovation in helping farmed animals, Memphis Meats is on the cutting edge of ‘clean’ meat production. They’ve combined decades of experience in both the culinary and scientific field to farm real meat cells- without the animals-in a process that is healthier, safer and cruelty-free. Unlike traditional meat, their product doesn’t come with the many side effects of meat production: environmental degradation, damaging health risks, and a product that contains fecal matter, antibiotics, and other contaminants.

Memphis Meats has succeeded at creating its first product but it will be a few more years before it is expected to land at a store near you.


Started in 2011 with one simple question: “Why does meat taste like meat?” The team at Impossible Foods set out to answer that question and they think they’ve found the answer. So too do thousands of customers who have caused it to sell out at the nearly 100 locations it’s currently available at.

The Impossible Burger requires just 1/4th of the water used to produce the same burger from a cow and creates just 1/8th of the greenhouse gas emissions. Aside from these amazing environmental benefits, the burger is entirely plant-based, meaning not a single animal had to live a horrific life on a factory farm.

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Beyond Meat has set out to change the way people view their food. And with the Beyond Burger, it seems to be working. The Beyond Burger is poised to be a mass-market solution that perfectly replaces animal protein with plant protein. As a company, Beyond Meat has a focus on respecting animal welfare and improving our environment through advanced agricultural methods. The result is a 100% plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and tastes like a beef burger. Maybe that’s why infamous meat supplier, Tyson’s Foods, has bought a stake in the meatless future with Beyond Meat.

Currently, the Beyond Burger is available at more than 3,000 grocery stores nationwide and it’s even being sold at the meat counter at Whole Foods!

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