Tis the season for giving! And we’ve put together a list of some gifts we wouldn’t mind getting ourselves… 😉 From boxes of chocolates to shoes, you’re sure to find something for that special (vegan) someone in your life.


What a Fish Knows by Jonathan Balcombe (Book)


Pacifica Beauty Gift Set


Herbivore Clothing – Clothing, stickers, buttons, patches, beanies and more!


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Listen to your heart. Stop eating animals! Double meaning explained: 1) the song #listentoyourheart by Roxette. Totally 80’s love rock ballad. We like rock, we like to rock & so that’s part one. Woo! 2) Several years ago, the phrase “listening to my body” got thrown around a lot. It’s what people would say if they’d stopped being vegan. Now, I don’t want to give space to that concept here — I want to give space to the fact that as humans we hold power over animals. And our hearts tell us it’s wrong to raise them and kill them and eat them. That’s why animal products are marketed in a way to alleviate our guilt! And that’s why as children we recoil at the idea of animal cruelty. We believe the fairytale stories of happy cows “giving” us milk. And once we find out that is a lie, we’ve been conditioned to believe that the animals don’t matter as much us. 😞 #cognitivedissonance #marketinglies :::::::::::::::: SO. We wanted to take that idea of “listening to your body“, and turn it inward. Listen to your heart. 💗 Your heart will tell you what is right, and contributing to animal suffering is not right. Raising animals only to kill and eat them causes lots of suffering. Please. #listentoyourheart #stopeatinganimals #alittleveganismneverhurtanybody #eatlikeyougiveadamn #veganliving #veganthoughts #animalrights #veganshopping #whatveganswear Flowy tee available on our site! Link in bio ❤️

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Lush Cosmetics Gift Card (not all of their products are vegan but many are!)


Miyoko’s Cheese (YUMMMMMM)


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No Whey! Vegan Truffles


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Our favorite truffle flavors all dressed up for the holidays @nowheychocolate

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Yum Earth Candy Cane Pops!


Thug Kitchen Vegan Cookbook


Manhattan Fruitier Gift Basket (not all their baskets are vegan)


Kat Vond D Beauty


Matt & Nat Vegan Leather Handbags and Accessories


Brave Gentleman (menswear)


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Shoe version or boot version? Which do you want? #menswear #vegan

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Glass Ladder & Co Vegan Leather Organizer


Subscription to VegNews Magazine


Sponsor an animal at Farm Sanctuary!


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This holiday season, #GiftSanctuary! Meet the animals available for sponsorship at:https://bit.ly/2Ry3AB5 (link in bio) You can make a difference and change a life by symbolically adopting a resident of Farm Sanctuary for a family member, friend, or favorite person on your list! Your sponsorship will help us raise vital funds toward our lifesaving work on behalf of the nearly 10 billion farm animals slaughtered for food in the U.S., alone, while bringing comfort and joy to animals safe at Farm Sanctuary. #farmsanctuarylife #GiveSanctuary #give #holiday #hanukkah #christmas #vegangifts #veganholidays #cattleofinstagram #donkey #cow #scottishhighlandcattle #rescue #adoptdontshop #goatsofinstagram #goatstagram

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