If you want proof that the world is changing, this is it. On Monday, when KFC announced that it had partnered with plant-based meat company Beyond Meat to create vegan fried chicken nuggets and wings, fast food fanatics took to social media to express their excitement.

There was a catch, though. KFC would only be testing out the Beyond chicken in one Atlanta store, and would only offer it while supplies lasted. 

Hungry Atlantans eagerly awaited the product launch on Tuesday, and the store prepared, too — by painting the building Beyond Meat’s signature green color. 

Some visitors waited for over an hour in lines that stretched two city blocks, as a long row of bumper-to-bumper cars waited for the drive-thru.

Within just five hours, the restaurant reportedly sold as many Beyond nuggets and wings as it typically would sell of its popcorn chicken in an entire week. 

The company hasn’t stated whether or not it will roll out the plant-based fried chicken as a regular menu item in other locations, but if the success of this test launch was any indication, we can all hope to be able to try it soon! 

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