Although we may know Leonardo DiCaprio as an actor first and foremost, (hello Jack Dawson!), it’s impossible to miss out on the important environmental work he’s been doing. Whether he’s leading the People’s Climate March in Washington, DC or making Oscar speeches about the pressing urgency of climate change, Leo is a true advocate for improving the health of our planet.

Luckily, Leo’s values are in line with several new startups that are aiming to help heal our planet through people’s diets.

This week, the Oscar winner made headlines when he joined Bill Gates, Tyson Foods, and even a former McDonald’s CEO, when he made an investment in Beyond Meat.

Beyond Meat has been a pioneer in plant-based proteins, making the first-ever vegan burger that not only tastes, looks, and smells like real meat, but is also sold in the meat section at several grocery chains. In fact, the Beyond Burger has made its way into more than 2,000 grocery stores nationwide and even onto the menus at TGI Fridays.

Factory farming is the single largest driver of climate change, a fact highlighted in many movies produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, including Cowspiracy, A Plastic Ocean, and Before the Flood.

But as Leo noted in a press release, “Shifting from animal meat to the plant-based meats developed by Beyond Meat is one of the most powerful measures someone can take to reduce their impact on our climate.”

We applaud Leo for his role as a major voice in the international movement on climate change and for making an investment in the future of our planet, our health, and one that benefits animals.