Incredible news out of Minnesota!

As more and more diners are looking for delicious plant-based options when they head out to eat, establishments across America are evolving to meet that demand.

The latest: the Mall of America (MOA). This hulking behemoth of a mall receives more than 40 million visitors each year and now they have an ALL-VEGAN dining option!

Earth Burger, a successful vegan restaurant founded in San Antonio, Texas, will open a location inside MOA in the early months of 2018, and it will cater to hungry omnivores and vegans alike.

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With fast-food staples—such as burgers, fries, spicy “chicken” sandwiches, fried “fish” filets, and desserts, including coconut soft-serve and chocolate brownies—Earth Burger is everything that you love about fast, casual meals without any of the cruelty or environmental destruction that goes hand in hand with raising and using animals for food. That’s something that MOA is hoping customers, especially younger ones, will be on board with.

This vegan-friendly move by the MOA didn’t come entirely out of the blue. Studies have shown that, over the years, younger diners who are concerned with the sustainability and the ethics of their food choices have driven the market for vegan and vegetarian options. In listing the “Top Trends in Prepared Food in 2017,” researchers noted an up-to-600 percent increase in the number of people who identify as vegan over a three-year span.

This AMAZING news for animals and diners alike is welcomed in the Midwest and beyond.

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