Eating plant-based meals does not have to mean giving up the tastes you are used to! As demand for plant-based products continues to grow, companies are supplying new cruelty-free meats that imitate the tastes and textures of animal products. There are already many delicious chicken alternatives available at large supermarket chains. Plus, if you get creative, you can make your own substitutes at home!

Here are some of our top-picks for plant-based chicken alternatives:

Gardein Mandarin Crispy Chick’n

Looking for something with a more pronounced flavor? Try out Gardein’s Mandarin Crispy Chick’n! It is saucey, savory, and sure to impress. Gardein Mandarin Chick’n has 130 calories and 10g of protein per serving. 

Lightlife Smart Tenders Savory Chick’n

If you’re looking for a versatile chicken alternative that can be used in almost any dish, look no further. Lightlife Smart Tenders are great in sandwiches, pastas, grain bowls, salads, and any other meal that calls for plant-based meat! Lightlife Smart Tenders have 100 calories and 18g of protein per serving.

Quorn Vegan Spicy Chicken Patties

Sometimes you’re running late and you only have time to throw something in the oven (or microwave!). If you’re looking for something easy to make, check out Quorn Spicy Chicken Patties. They taste great on a hamburger bun with some veggies and BBQ sauce. Quorn Spicy Chicken Patties have 120 calories and 7g of protein per serving.

Boca Chik’n Vegan Nuggets

Snack without guilt with Boca Vegan Chik’n Nuggets! They are incredibly easy to prepare and perfect to share! Boca Chick’n Nuggets have 170 calories and 15g of protein per serving.

Tofurky Plant-Based Chick’n

Tofurky has been around since 1980. They strive for a better world by providing delicious vegan products ad well as being a company who advocates for animal welfare and reinvests in a wide variety of environmental initiatives. We love them! Their “Lightly Seasoned Chick’n” has 230 calories and 23g of protein per serving!

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