Whether you’re a busy mom, a studious college student, or just a little lazy in the kitchen sometimes, these microwaveable vegan meals will surely save you from the tummy rumbles when you’re short on time (or energy)!


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Amy’s vegan products are not only delicious, but are easy to find. They have an array of vegan microwaveable meals from burritos and bowls to mac n cheese and pizza. Note that not all of their products are vegan.


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Tofurky is a definite go to favorite. They have delicious pizzas, deli slices, maple tempeh bacon, and much more to help satisfy your hunger and your cravings!


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Kashi has been replying to the demand for more meat- and dairy-free meals by adding more vegan items to supermarket shelves. Check em out!


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Lightlife has some hearty vegan meals to help fight off hunger when you need to eat RIGHT NOW!


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Can we please have a moment of silence for just how amazing Kite Hill has become..? Ok, moment over. You have to try their vegan ravioli, incredible dairy-free cheeses, and their yogurt!!


Trader Joe’s has an amazing assortment of vegan items in the mix on their shelves. This is my easy go to choice you can find in the refrigerated section.


I swear I see a new Sweet Earth vegan product every time I go to the store. Their bowls are great and I often grab a few vegan breakfast burritos for those busy mornings!


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The people over at Gardein have some special powers working with them. They can satisfy even the biggest skeptic with their meat-free foods. These are just a few of their masterpieces.


Now get out there and stock your freezer with some of these bad boys! You’ll thank me later!