Last Wednesday, Taco Bell announced they would start testing a new vegetarian menu in select stores. This menu is to include new vegan and vegetarian items, offered for a limited time, as well as highlight some of the veg-friendly options already on their menu.

For a fast food chain, Taco Bell is already fairly accommodating to vegans and vegetarians – their website even has a page titled “How to Eat Vegan at Taco Bell,” which includes a list of vegan ingredients certified by the American Vegetarian Association.

In their list of commitments for 2019, Taco Bell states that they want to make it easier and better for vegetarians and flexitarians to enjoy their restaurants, and boast over 8 million vegetarian combinations already available on their current menu. Both the new menu items and locations selected to feature this new menu remain a mystery, however, this announcement has already garnered wide support on social media.

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Photo credit: Mike Mozart