Nowadays, many restaurants have vegan options, but there are cases where veg options might be limited. However, there are some tricks to make the whole experience simple.

It’s always worth checking out the menu online first if you know where you will be eating with friends, and suggesting an alternative venue if the restaurant you had planned to go to is simply not suitable.

Chinese, Indian and Thai restaurants offer some of the best cuisine for vegans and vegetarians and are also quite healthy. Italian is also a good choice for those looking to cut out animal products. Ask for a veggie pizza minus the cheese or a yummy pasta dish with a vegetable-based sauce.

Clever ordering and supplementing an alternative or side dish for part of the meal can sometimes be the trick. Ordering two side dishes or two starters can frequently be better than having a main course, and can be a lifesaver at times when faced with a non-vegetarian/vegan menu.

Don’t be shy to ask your server if the chef is able to do a modified version of a normally ‘dairy/meat’ rich dish, or, come up with an entirely new creative vegan dish – especially if they have a talented and versatile chef.