With all the new and exciting plant-based options coming out, being vegan is easier than ever! But there’s one place that’s ALWAYS been fully stocked with surprising foods that just happen to be plant-based (a.k.a. “accidentally vegan”) — the movie theater!

We’ve put together a list of just some of our favorite vegan movie theater snacks to take the guesswork out of ordering. Enjoy.



Lots of movie theater popcorn is actually surprisingly vegan! And, in some cases, even the “buttery topping” isn’t actual butter. For example, at Regal Cinemas, the buttery topping is simply oil, salt and beta carotene (to add the yellow color). Hey, we didn’t say it was healthy, we just said it was plant-based. When in doubt, ask the theater to check the

Soft Pretzels

Those big, soft, and warm pretzels sold at many theaters are typically vegan. You may want to make sure they don’t put butter on them. 

French Fries

The majority of french fries are plant-based! They may share the same fryer with non-vegan foods, so if you have an allergy check with a concessions employee. 


Sour Patch Kids




Red Vines and Twizzlers


+ More!

Tons of candy is vegan by default. Just check the labels and steer clear of dairy and gelatin.


Various Soda Flavors


These are just some of the amazing accidentally vegan snacks available at the movies. Many theaters are now even offering plant based alternatives like veggie dogs! 

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