What better way to hide from the sun than to go see a movie at your local theater? This summer, when you venture out to see one of the great summer releases (I recommend checking out Eighth Grade), try one of these delicious snacks offered at most concession stands!


Movie Theater Popcorn

Yes, most movie theater popcorn is vegan by default! Try the plain popcorn at AMC or seasoned popcorn (yes, it’s vegan!) at Regal Cinemas. For other theaters, make sure to ask whether the popcorn is dairy-free (you will often be pleasantly surprised).


Soft Pretzels

These salty snacks are vegan at chains like AMC, but always make sure to ask about the ingredients!



Okay everyone, I hope you know by now that fries are (usually) vegan. However, it’s always good to double check if the seasoning includes dairy-derived ingredients.


Sour Patch Kids

Sour, sweet, vegan, gone.


Swedish Fish

In some cases, Swedish Fish contain beeswax so make sure to double check the ingredients before your purchase them!



Most Skittles are now vegan! However, make sure to check the ingredients of the limited edition flavors as they contain different substances than original Skittles.



Yes, my favorite vegan candy! There is no better combo than a bag of popcorn, a pack of Twizzlers, and an indie film. All flavors of Twizzlers are vegan.


Red Vines

Not as good as Twizzlers, but all versions of Red Vines are also vegan.


Slushies and Icees

Cold, refreshing, and vegan!