Plant-based milks have taken over the world! So much so that there is now officially a day to celebrate them.

Today is World Plant Milk Day!

People are becoming more aware of the inexplicable suffering that cows suffer on dairy farms, as well as the harmful effects of cow’s milk on their health and our planet.


Factory farming is a leading cause of climate change and it is having devastating consequences on everything from air and water quality to our forests. Did you know that the animal agriculture industry produces more greenhouse gasses than all of the world’s transport combined?


It’s a total myth that humans need cow’s milk in order to be healthy. In fact, research indicates that dairy products put you at an increased risk for several health issues. Instead, get all the calcium, vitamins, and other nutrients you need from a healthy, plant-based diet.


In the dairy industry, cows are repeatedly impregnated, have their babies taken away, are treated like machines, and end up slaughtered for meat. By simply choosing plant-based milks you are saving animals from this shocking cruelty.


Thankfully, no matter where you are in the country, supermarkets’ shelves are becoming stocked full of delicious dairy alternatives.

Check out this list for some of my favorites.

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