Plant-based eaters share a well-kept secret.

The truth? 

Many are happier than their meat-eating friends, according to a 2023 survey.1  

Plant-based eating isn’t just a matter of adjusting meals—it’s about enhancing lives. The benefits aren’t just physical; they’re also psychological and emotional. 

Here’s why so many are fulfilled by their plant-based choices and happy to leave animal products behind:

1. Guilt-free dining

Eating out no longer means compromising your ethics. Many restaurants now offer clearly labeled vegan options, and some dishes can be modified to be plant-based. In larger cities, you might even find entirely plant-based restaurants. A quick call ahead can ensure your next meal aligns with your values.

2. Cost-effective nutrition

Did you know the average plant-based diet is actually cheaper than the standard American diet?2 Staples like beans, chickpeas, and lentils are affordable and nutritious alternatives, helping you save money without sacrificing flavor or nutrition.

3. Diverse choices

When it comes to plant-based eating, culinary exploration is the name of the game. Instead of the repetitive, meat-centric meals you might have grown up with, plant-based foods include legumes, grains, nuts, seeds, and spices. This diversity inspires new cooking techniques, keeping your meals fresh and exciting. 


4. Aligning values with action

While most people consider themselves “animal lovers,” many still eat animals. These contradictions can induce guilt and inner turmoil, something none of us should have to deal with at mealtime. 

Switching to plant-based foods can turn that turmoil into conviction. Talk about a boost of confidence and commitment!

farm animal

5. Embracing freedom

Conforming to society’s norms can often feel restrictive. Thankfully, plant-based eating allows you to break free from cruel or unhealthy patterns, offering a sense of freedom. 

By embracing authenticity, you don’t just set yourself free. You could also inspire others to do the same. Soon, compassion and wellness could become the new societal norms…and it all starts with you. 


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